Dr. Inge is constantly seeking out proven technologies that can improve the quality of your visit.

Examples of this are the STATM System. In many cases this system allows us to numb only the teeth to be worked upon, not the tongue and lip. Patients appreciate being able to leave the office fully capable of eating, drinking, and talking without fear of embarrassment.

To reduce your exposure to radiation and to improve early detection of issues that may affect your dental health, we implemented DEXIS digital x-rays. This high quality digital imaging provides high-resolution views that can be electronically shared with oral surgeons or other dental professions without the delay of couriers or mail services.

Another example is the high resolution camera we use to look at your teeth. This allows us to show you in detail what exactly is occurring and fully explain solutions to your dental issues.

Many times we can use a Micro-etcher (sort of like a miniature sand blaster) to place a filling without any drilling or injections. Our patients like that!

Dexis Digial Diagnostic Imaging STAtm System iris