We are a dental office dedicated to providing our patients with a lifetime of oral health. We hope this blog will leave you with the feeling that our dental office really is special and is here to help you achieve this end.

Our New Operatories

New OperatoryPatients are really enjoying our new operatories.  (A dental operatory is the room where you sit and get your dentistry done, not where you get your appendix out.)  Our new chairs are dangerous during lunchtime.  They are so comfortable, if we sit in them to take a break, the rest of the day is shot.

Dragons Can Be Beaten

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Neil Gaiman

The Roots are Not the Root of the Problem

Anatomy of a healthy tooth & nervesFew things strike fear in the hearts of dental patients like the words “root canal”.  And probably for good reason.  Years ago they could be extremely painful, especially if the tooth was abscessed.  Times have changed now.  There is really nothing to fear about root canals but perhaps boredom.  Though relatively painless, they are still usually long p

Teeth Cleaning

My Hygienist was flipping awesome

Brighten That Smile

Before and after whitening

Years ago the whiteness of teeth wasn’t all that important for the general public, mostly because there was not much you could do about it.  Many people smoked and drank coffee and tea for years—all resulting in dingy looking teeth.  Tooth brushing was more for preventing cavities and improving the breath than improving the coloration of the teeth.


Time logo For some reason, there has been a lot of talk about time lately on TV and in the press. You’ll even see an article or two in the scientific journals. It’s a huge topic, from a lot of different perspectives, but there was one take regarding time that is particularly interesting. Time is cumulative in many things we do. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a clue as to what that means. We didn’t either. The idea is that there are a huge number of seemingly little things that can really affect our lives if done repeatedly over time. But they have to be done repeatedly. That is the point. The effects, for good or bad, accumulate and can’t be un-done very easily.

A Community Oriented Dental Office

We opened our dental office on Main Street in Nazareth, many years ago. It was easy at that time to be seen as a community oriented dental office. We were right on Main Street across from the "Y". After we moved out to Route 248, that feeling of being part of our community began to erode. Let's face it. We were out in the country. (It's not country anymore! Think Wegman's, Sheetz, etc.) We got lots of new patients, but it was not because we were part of our community. It was because of all kinds of other reasons.

Satan and Good Health

Devil mask In his book, Tide Rising, Bruce Theileman tells an interesting story. Here is a VERY modified version:

One day Satan gathered his demons and asked for a volunteer to come up with a message to deliver that would ruin men's souls.

Truly a Love/Hate Relationship

ComputerHow many times have we heard that expression? And most of the time it is connected with computers, iPhones, and other high-tech toys. The digital age has been with us for a long time now. Most people who are not of the boomer generation don't even recall a time you actually had to find a phone booth if you needed to make a call away from home.

Sleep is not just for the sleepy

Sleep ApneaWho needs sleep? We all do, of course.

However most people who have spent much time in school are aware of all-nighters. Most of us have envied that occasional student who only needed four hours of sleep a night, yet could ace the test the next morning and party all afternoon. Somehow being able to get away with less sleep seems something to be desired. Think of it. If we could cut out just one hour of sleep a night, and there are 365 nights a year, we are adding 365 hours that we are awake per year!


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