Sitting Can Be Dangerous (part 2)

If you should by chance see some of our staff walking around in our parking lot, it does not mean we have been sniffing too much laughing gas. Honest. Here Amy and Pam take advantage of some of the latest technology on the planet. It appears the world now acknowledges what we wrote two blogs ago—sitting can be dangerous.

A whole industry has sprung up around this idea. It is about the advent of what are called "Activity Watches". As we all know, watches are not just watches anymore. They can tell you just about anything. But Activity Watches have taken this idea to an entirely new level.

They can actually tell you that you have been sitting too long, and you need to get up and walk around in the parking lot. (Amy and Pam are our front desk people, and that requires a lot of sitting.) They can also tell you your sleep patterns that come with alarms when you have stopped breathing, the calories you have burned, when you have gone up or down steps, and your heart rate. Not to mention that they also come with a GPS tracker, caller ID, music control and notifications, an app for your phone that you can use for seeing your activity history and for setting activity goals, and a few other things that come with different manufacturers and models.

As an aside, they can also tell you the time.

Google "Activity Watches" and you will see how popular they have become. There are about a zillion makes and models. Not to mention the zillions of colors available. Some even have interchangeable bands of different colors. You can be color coordinated with any outfit. And the price? Once again, you have a zillion options, depending on what features you want.

Most of us here at the office use the watches made by Fitbit. We like their size and affordability. Check out their website at

Is this a fad? Who knows. But they can definitely make you healthier and get you in better shape. Who would have thought a watch could extend your lifetime?


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