Hypocrites No Longer

We have a major problem at our office.  We have a table right in the middle of our staff lounge that we have to walk by a million times a day.  Unfortunately, the table usually has quite a few tempting snacks on it.  When we walk by the table, it takes super-human effort not to pick up a browny or a cupcake or two.  Obviously, for a healthy living centered office, this is not a good thing.  Now we have a simple solution (or partially a simple solution).  We now have a bowl of cherry tomatoes out in plain sight.  As we walk by the table, it is very easy to pick up a few of these and have a quick bite of a crunchy, nutritious, and very low calorie snack.  And now we can feel a bit smug about our healthy snacking habits and feel less like hypocrites.    

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