Fluoride Treatments for Adults?

Multiple Adults with smiling faces.Most parents expect their children to have fluoride treatments at their cleaning appointments. It has become the standard of care for all children up to age 14. Then it stops. Why? There is a very simple reason. And it has nothing to do with the benefits fluoride gives. Insurance companies quite often stop covering fluoride treatments at age 14.

The truth of the matter is that fluoride treatment is beneficial at all ages. This is especially true if any dental work has been done over the years like fillings and crowns. Fluoride strengthens the enamel around the dental work and makes it last years longer.

Also, as the years go by the gums can recede a little exposing the root surface. The root is not covered with enamel, so it is softer and more prone to decay. It’s another topic, but root cavities are different animals than are cavities on the enamel surface. They are much more dangerous to your dental health. Fluoride strengthens the surface of the roots, making them less prone to cavities.

So by all means, get a fluoride treatment at every cleaning no matter what your age. The days of using special trays filled with a foul tasting goop are over. The fluoride is applied by applying a pleasant tasting varnish over the teeth that stays a half hour or so, leaving the teeth stronger and healthier.


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