Don’t Just Sit There!

Sitting can be dangerous! We posted on Facebook quite a while ago that there were some indications that sitting was dangerous. The post fell into the "ho hum" category, practically no one read it, and I'm sure no one acted upon it, including myself. It kind of fell into the "most things fun in life are either harmful or sinful" category, and no one wants to hear about that kind of stuff.

Now, unfortunately, it is official. Statistics are usually quick to put one into a drunken stupor. Especially unwanted statistics. So I will cover only a few. Yet they are important, because they involve a problem common to all of us. Death.

Remember, good health is the fly wheel to the good life. But our sedentary American lifestyle wants to take us out. Don't take it sitting down.

  1. Sitting increases the risk of death. A person who sits for 6 or more hours a day is 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits for less than three hours a day. The average American sits for 9.3 hours a day. A huge number of them spend most of their workday sitting at a computer.
  2. Sitting for prolonged periods of time increases the rate of obesity.
  3. Sitting jobs directly correlate to an increase of cardiovascular disease.
  4. The negative effects of sitting a lot are immediate and not just something that occurs down the road.
  5. There are mental and emotional effects of just sitting as well. We get more sluggish, our energy levels take a steep drop, and we become far less productive. All of this can contribute to a loss of self-esteem—a feeling of not being a worthwhile person.

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