Bloody Moons and Clean Teeth

It's an exciting time calendar-wise. Wednesday (9/23) was the first day of fall, a special event which certainly doesn't happen every day. But that pales in comparison to what is going to happen on Sunday night. We are in for a double super-whopper. We are going to be able to see a "Super Moon" and the blood-red light of a total eclipse.

The moon will be at its closest orbit point to the earth (which makes it look BIG). At the same time good old Earth will be in a position in a straight line between the Moon and the Sun, blocking out any direct sunlight from hitting the Moon. But some light manages to get to the moon indirectly by slipping around the Earth and passing through its atmosphere to get to the Moon. This gives the Moon a red glow, hence the nickname a "Blood Moon" or a more dramatic "Gloom and Doom Moon". The last time this happened was in 1982 and the next will be in 2033. Just think, if you are younger than 33 this will be your first opportunity to see one of nature's most spectacular sights.

What does this have to do with dentistry? Not much, actually. Maybe we can get creative and say, "If your gums turn 'red' or 'bloody' don't fall into 'gloom and doom'. We at IngeDental are here to help. "

Or perhaps "Don't wait for the next Bloody Moon to have a good cleaning and exam."

A bit of a stretch, but hey, you've got to come up with something at a time like this.

The show starts Sunday night around 10:11 PM, if we have clear skies. A heavy cloud cover could mean you might have to wait until 2033 to see such a sight again. So let's hope for clear skies and enjoy the show!


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